Terms of Participation

Terms of Participation

Participation in the competition organized by PALFINGER AG, hereinafter referred to as Operator or Organizer, is free of charge and exclusively subject to these conditions of competition entry.

Running of the competition

It is possible to enter the competition between August 22, 2022, 14:00 (CET) and December 15, 2022, 24:00 (CET). During this period, users will get the opportunity to upload a challenge participation video or photo online at reachanything.palfinger.com or reachanything.net and enter the competition. Participation in this competition is free of charge, but first requires participants to create and submit a challenge video or photo.


To participate, participants must first submit a video they have filmed or a photo they have taken of themselves in front of a PALFINGER crane or other PALFINGER product and telling the Organizer that they can reach anything with PALFINGER. Participants must also provide certain information (first name, last name, pseudonym, country, e-mail address) and agree to the conditions of competition entry.

Every participation entry is checked and manually activated by one of the Organizer’s staff members. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse to activate entries without giving a reason and not allow people to participate in the competition if the Organizer feels that the entries conflict with the PALFINGER AG code of conduct, are opposed to the concept and purpose of the event, or visibly breach copyright.

To win, participants must get likes for their entries. They can get likes in one of the following ways:

  1.  The video or photo is liked by visitors to the website (max. 1 vote per IP address per day).

It is strictly prohibited to nominate yourself and to use multiple entries to increase your chances of winning. It is also strictly prohibited to automatically like your own entries and others’ entries in an attempt to influence who wins the competition. In the event of a breach, the Organizer reserves the right to exclude the participant from the competition.

By entering the competition, you give your consent to your personal information, specifically first and last name, pseudonym, country and e-mail address, being used for the purpose of carrying out the competition. This information will not be passed on to third parties.

By entering the competition, you also give your consent to your submitted challenge video or photo, your pseudonym and your country of origin being published on the landing page reachanything.palfinger.com or reachanything.net. You also give your consent to the submission video or photo and the pseudonym being published for the purpose of advertising the competition on PALFINGER’s own channels (websites, social media, various online and offline publications), but also to the possibility of them being used in certain advertising formats in external media. You also acknowledge that you will have no claim to compensation if this content is published.

This consent can be withdrawn at any time by sending a written notification to dataprotection@palfinger.com. In cases of doubt, you may no longer be allowed to participate in the competition.

Persons eligible to participate

Participation is open to people registered at an address in one of the countries listed below and aged 18 or over:

Germany, France, UK & Northern Ireland, Italy, Austria, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Poland, Czechia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Cyprus, Lithuania, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Estonia, Serbia, Mauritius, Bosnia Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Latvia, Iceland, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, United States, Canada, Mexico.

Participation via competition associations or automated services is not allowed.

Participation in the competition is not open to any of those persons and employees of the Operator who have been involved in devising and implementing the competition or their family members. The Operator also reserves the right to exercise its own discretion and exclude people from participating if there are justified reasons for doing so, such as:

  • Manipulations concerning competition entry or how the competition is carried out
  • Breach of these conditions of competition entry
  • Unethical behavior
  • Submission of false or misleading information to gain entry to the competition

If a person is excluded from the competition, the Organizer has the right to retrospectively disqualify prizes and request that they be returned.

Prizes, notification and award of prizes

A total of two trips to Salzburg, Austria, including a 5-day stay, can be won per region.

The Organizer expressly reserves the right to substitute the prizes announced with prizes of equal or greater value without giving a reason and does not accept any liability for technical defects or for any technical problems that may affect participation in the competition. The photographs of the prizes are merely an illustration.

The Operator does not accept any liability or make any guarantee for the prize received or for the prize corresponding to a certain quality or value.

The prizes cannot be cashed in, transferred, refunded or exchanged.

The winners will be announced behind closed doors once the deadline for entries has passed. Only entries that are complete and correct can be considered for allocation of a prize.

The winners will be notified of their prizes via e-mail. Winners will have until December 31, 2022, 24:00(CET) to claim the prize, after which time the prize can no longer be claimed. If nobody claims the prize, the next-ranked winner will be notified.

Prizes cannot be exchanged or collected by the winners themselves and are not redeemable in cash.

The Operator assumes all costs for organizing the prizes. Winners shall bear any additional costs incurred when the prizes are claimed. Winners will themselves be responsible for paying any taxes due on their prizes.

Modification/termination of the competition

The Organizer expressly reserves the right to modify or end the competition without prior notice and without giving a reason. This applies in particular to any reasons that would hinder or prevent the orderly running of the competition. No claims can be made against the Operator.

Data protection

It is necessary to provide personal information in order to participate in the competition. Participants shall provide assurance that the personal information they have provided, principally first and last name, country and e-mail address, is accurate and correct.

The Organizer shall make participants aware that it will not pass their personal information (first and last name and e-mail address) on to third parties or allow them to use the information without obtaining consent. Companies charged with organizing the prizes, which are required to collect, store and use the information to organize and award the prizes, are an exception to this rule.

The privacy policy and further information can be found at https://www.palfinger.com/en-gb/privacy-policy.

Applicable law

Any questions or objections regarding the competition shall be directed to the Operator. Contact information can be found at challenge@palfinger.com.

The competition organized by the Operator is subject solely to Austrian law, excluding conflict of law rules. There can be no written communications about the competition. There is no right of appeal. There is no enforceable right to payout of the prizes.

Severability clause

Should any of the provisions of these conditions of competition entry be or become invalid, in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a legally valid provision that comes closest to the commercial intent and purpose of the invalid provision. The same shall apply if a loophole is identified in these conditions of competition entry.

PALFINGER AG wishes participants good luck and all the best.